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I believe your wedding photography should be as timeless, passionate, and joyful as the love you share with your favorite person.

You’ve found the love of your life and are ready to spend the rest of your days together—growing, learning, and maybe even making a couple cute babies. Marriage is one of the greatest blessings, and I am honored you would trust in me to share your most sacred day as you vow for better or worse.

And while we are talking vows, I promise to give you bright, joyful images that will serve as a reminder of how you felt in the arms of your better half on the day you became one. I promise a sense of ease in front of the lens and no prom poses. And I solemnly swear to remind you that although your wedding day will be phenomenal, the best is yet to come.

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gabrielle & blake

"When I chose Abigail to be our wedding photographer, I chose her because I loved her work and I wanted an editing style that was timeless. What I got in return was far greater than I could have imagined. I received a friend, an encourager, a selfless woman who chooses to see joy in everyone around her. Not only is Abigail an absolutely incredible, talented, and smart business woman, but she is someone who you would be honored to have photograph your most important day. There is absolutely no one I would recommend more to have photograph your wedding day and all of the important days to come!"

brittany & sam

"I cannot say enough amazing things about Abigail! First of all, her pictures are GORGEOUS. The way she captured our day could not be any more perfect. Not only does she take beautiful pictures that capture the moments and emotions of the day, but she’s also an absolute joy to be around. She is kind and caring, and we were so blessed to have her with us through all the craziness. Her organization and thoughtfulness didn’t just help with the pictures — it helped our entire day go more smoothly! She was able to coordinate with our wedding planner and we didn’t have to worry about a thing. I’ll cherish the pictures and the memories she helped create that day forever!"

holly & cyrus

"When you’re looking for a photographer to capture one of the most important days of your life, what are you looking for? I’m not a person who enjoys getting their picture taken—I actually try to avoid taking them as much as possible. And yet, Abigail made everything feel so natural. She made every step of the process—start to finish—so easy. As a bride who was trying to juggle ten thousand things at once, this was so huge for me. Timeless, breathtaking photographs and heart is what Abigail provides. And honestly what more could you want when you are trusting someone to capture your memories for you?"

teresa & michael

"It is incredible how relaxed and at ease Abigail can make you feel. No shot is ever rushed or staged, it all feels very natural and her gift for turning ordinary backgrounds into captivating settings is impeccable.  Her warmth and pure talent was noticed by many of our family and friends. I don't know if we'll ever be able to find adequate words to express our gratitude for the beautiful work Abigail does. Her photos are remarkable. Her personality is engaging. Her attention to detail is keen and without fail. Both the quality and quantity of Abigail's work are second to none. She is worth every penny and then some. We can't wait to continue having her capture our family's life!"

nicole & christopher

"Abigail has been amazing for our wedding and all other sessions. She is so genuine and a joy to work with! She has captured our wedding day and other memories so beautifully. Abigail is such an incredible photographer, and we have loved working with her over the past several years. Her editing style and photography skills will always give you beautiful images. She ensures you have nothing to worry about, and each session is smooth sailing. We will continue to have Abigail capture our family's memories!"

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Of course, we’ll capture those necessary family portraits, so tell Grammy not to fret, but my brides care more about the candid in-between moments than stiff poses — the type of visual memories that capture the sweet love between husband and wife and reveal the true joy of their souls. I choose to focus on the sanctity and beauty of your holy union and the love you share because that is the true blessing.  

I’m looking to grab the moment your newly-dubbed husband’s lips brush your neck ever so gently, to catch the tears upon your father’s cheek when he sees you not as his little girl but as the beautiful woman you’ve become, and to capture your adorable grandparents breaking it down on the dance floor. These are the markings of an unforgettable wedding and the memories you want passed down for generations. When your grandchildren perch on your lap and ask where they came from, I want you to be proud to show them where it all began—because love is the first step to a lasting legacy. 

I want you to have that! Everyone deserves to have beautiful images and tangible reminders of the most important things in life. 

I strive to capture your love in its truest form: real, authentic, and candid. No one looks at their wedding photos and thinks: Wow, that was a really fun pose!

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