Brittany & Sam | Bohemian Wedding at the Botanical Gardens

October 7, 2020

There truly aren’t words for this couple. Sam & Brittany are something rare.

I’ve never met a man who adores his wife more than Sam cherishes Brittany. I’ve never met a woman who supports her husband more than Brittany pushes Sam towards his dreams.

Every detail of the day was chosen for a reason. The first look location is the property Brittany has been riding horses on since her childhood and where Sam proposed. I don’t know who was in charge of bringing their three sweet pups for portraits, but everyone should have a friend who would do that! It was so special including so many parts of what makes Sam & Brittany who they are into their big day.

Sam & Brittany’s relationship is a testament to God’s redemption. God makes everything new, and He redeems everything in His time. In a short film during the ceremony, Sam shared how years ago it would have never crossed his mind to date someone who already had a child – but then he met Brittany and Annabelle. He quickly realized after getting to know Brittany how so much of what he loved about her was shaped by her being a mother. Sam loves Annabelle likes his own daughter. Brittany and her family prayed for her future husband, and they don’t let an opportunity go by without sharing how if God could outdo Himself, He definitely outdid Himself on Sam. He is everything and more than they prayed for in a husband and father. Everyone knows Sam feels the exact same way about Brittany.

God’s faithfulness and this couple’s laughter and joy are what stands out most to me from their wedding day, and I don’t know anything else that could be better.