I’m Abigail, a wedding and family photographer nestled in Fort Wayne, Indiana. You can find me dancing around the house with my little ones, planning another project for our 100 year old home, and eating coffee ice cream with my husband. As a wife and mama, I know how hard it can be to slow down and appreciate it all. We all deserve tangible memories of this precious life, and you can bet I’m here to make that happen for you.

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Adam is from Washington, and Alison grew up in Virginia. Divine intervention would have these two living in New York City and attending the same community group at their church. Besides both loving dogs and being active, Adam & Alison love the Lord and fell in love over their shared faith. After hitting it off […]

Adam & Alison | Roanoke Farm Engagement Session

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There truly aren’t words for this couple. Sam & Brittany are something rare. I’ve never met a man who adores his wife more than Sam cherishes Brittany. I’ve never met a woman who supports her husband more than Brittany pushes Sam towards his dreams. Every detail of the day was chosen for a reason. The […]

Brittany & Sam | Bohemian Wedding at the Botanical Gardens

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Whether it’s the most intimate day of your lives or just an ordinary day with your favorite pint-sized humans, photography is a personal business. I take on a limited amount of weddings and family sessions because I truly believe in the importance of building friendships with each person who gets in front of my camera. I hope yours can be one of them. I can’t wait to mark my calendar!

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